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kshanbhar vishranti, rotaract club of venugram belgaum


Has always come up with projects that focus in loving and caring about those who are deprived of these emotions.
So here we are with the project

🌤🌥☂ *क्षणभर विश्रांती* ☂🌥🌤

It’s mid summers and we have scorching sun out there to drain us all. Even with all the luxuries, sometimes it’s hard for us to fight this summer. In such a situation have your ever wondered what do stray animals and birds might be going through ❓

So here’s an initiative to help them out to fight this summer. All you have to do is

🌤 Arrange a terracotta vessel.
🌤 Fill it up with fresh and clean water.
🌤 Place it outside your house in a shade for stray animals and birds to drink.
🌤 You can also place a bowl of grains for birds.
🌤 Or anything that strikes your mind that can help them to rest and relax.

*If you are interested to be a part of our initiative then:-*

1. Carryout the above steps.
2. Click pictures.
4. DM the pictures on whatsapp.
3. Upload them on social media accounts and tag our club @rcvenugrambgm
4. *Carry out this activity before 1st April 2020*

For more details contact:-
*Rtr. Rohit Angolkar*
Rotaract Club of Venugram Belgaum

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